Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Utah Summer Games Tri 2010

Well we had another great day in Southern Utah for a tri. I think we are on a streak now for good weather events.

Congratulations to all the tri club members who came out and helped team SUTC dominate the podium! We had a total of 31 members race with 21 members earning medals. WOW! Great Job SUTC! For those of you who didn't medal, most of you were really close. Keep coming to the workouts as it is a great way to learn, train, have fun and stay motivated towards your personal goals. SUTC Rocks!!! Here is a list of our podium finishers.

Sprint Distance

Craig Coats - 2nd place age group
Mike Hammer- 1st place age group
Brian Burgener - 2nd place age group
Willy Heinrich - 3rd place age group
Kenny Mason - 3rd place age group
Kristie Burchinal - 2nd place age group
AJ Dansie - 1st place age group (only 11 years old!)

Olympic Distance

Brian Jeppson - 2nd place overall
Ben Ford - 1st place age group
Rich Bruin - 2nd place age group
Ryan Duckworth - 1st place age group
Chanda Jeppson - 1st place overall
Shirley Leydsman - 2nd place overall
Heath Burchinal - 3rd place age group
Jamie Egbert - 3rd place overall
David Wellman - 2nd place age group
Michael Abele - 1st place age group
Janette Tank - 1st place age group
Cathy Ford - 2nd place age group
Steve Marshall - 2nd place age group
Matt Bracken - 1st place age group

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

STG Triathlon 2010

Unlike past tradition, the weather was GREAT for the 2010 STG Triathlon. Congrats to all that competed in the event. SUTC had a strong showing on the podium and with our SWEET jerseys, we sure looked GOOD doing it! Here are some notable finishers.

Olympic Distance

Lindsey Merrill - First Place Division (2:04:09)
Colleen Rue - Second Place Overall Female (2:14:46)
Ryan Duckworth - First Place Division (2:17:19)
Matt Bracken - Third Place Division (2:17:37)
Chanda Jeppson - Second Place Division (2:19:32)
Breanna Nelson - First Place Division (2:19:34)
Jamie Egbert - First Place Division (2:23:28)
Michael Abele - Second Place Division (2:24:52)

Sprint Distance

Rory Duckworth - First Place Division (1:20:13)
Mike Greene - First Place Division (1:20:27)
Andrew Lindstrom - Second Place Division (1:22:34)
Daniel Bishoff - Second Place Division (1:22:53)
Brian Burgener - Third Place Division (1:23:58)


Congratulations to all the SUTC members who faced the challenge at the 2010 St George Ford Ironman. Special thanks to those SUTC members who volunteered, you all ROCK! Thank you for the support! The following is a list of 2010 St George Ford Ironman Finishers.
Bill Jones
Brian Burgener
Carlos Mercado
James Mitchell
Janie Earle
Jason Jarvie
Jason Wells
Lindsey Merrill
Locke Ettinger
Luke Greer
Matt Bracken
Rob Gray
Ryan Duckworth
Shirley Leydsman