Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Scofield Tri 2010

Attention all SUTC members, be on the lookout for a few escapees! Congratulations to all the SUTC members who competed in the 2010 Scofield Tri. The Scofield Tri is composed of four distances: Kids, Sprint, Olympic and Escape. The Escape being composed of a 1.7 mile swim from an island, a ruthless 40 miles bike ride of which most of it is climbing (feel like doing Sand Hollow hill for 20 miles or so? Wait that would be easier.), followed up with a 10 mile run. Oh yeah don't for get to do it starting at 7,739 feet of elevation. The Escape makes all other halfs look like a walk through the daisys.

Weather was good for the Scofield Tri, slightly warmer, but overcasted for most the day. One of the neat things about this Tri is the opportunity to camp with family and friends. The camping was great and so was the tempratures at night. This is a great family oriented triathlon. The following is a list of notable finishers.

Escape Distance

Colleen Rue - First Place Division
Breanna Nelson - First Place Division
Matt Bracken - First Place Division

Olympic Distance

Lindsey Merrill - Second Place Overall
Ryan Duckworth - First Place Division

Sprint Distance

Rory Duckworth - Thrid Place Division
Tiffany Gust - Second Place Division
Kelly Duckworth - First Place Division


  1. I have some pics of Matt and Breanne at Scofield. If you want send me an email to and I will send them to you.